Individual Events


  • This tournament shall have a Kata division for 4-6 years old.
  • Kata Event for 18-21 year old will be 18+.
  • Green belt and up, 14-15 years old and 16-17 years old will compete in Kata by belt level.
  • Brown and Black belts will not be able to repeat Kata’s.

Rule Supplement

  • Colored belts may use any kata from their style curriculum.
  • White belts may restart a kata once without penalty.
  • All competitors in events below the rank of Brown Belt may repeat katas as required. BROWN BELTS (and higher) MAY NOT repeat katas.
  • Glasses may be worn as approved by the Chief Official.



  • Flag Kumite for 4-6 years old.
  • One minute Event.
  • Two flags each participant with one flag on either side of belt (left/right): blue for one participant, red for the other.
  • Participant who captures both of their opponents flags is declared the winner.
  • 2 matches for everyone: no single winner.
  • Group bow in will be done by all competitors at beginning of event.
  • Kumite events shall be 2 minutes stop time.

Safety Equipment

  • Competitors shall meet the safety requirements described in the WKF rules.
  • Shin/instep protectors are mandatory for all competitors, except for flag kumite.
  • Hand pads are to be foam filled and vinyl covered – no cloth or leather!!.
  • Non Team Qualifiers and under 16 year old can use White safety equipment.
  • Face Masks Will NOT be required at this event.
  • ALL male competitors are required to wear approved groin protection.
  • All female competitors 16 year olds plus in these events will be required to wear chest protectors.

Rule Supplement

  • Events may be combined to give three or more competitors per event. An attempt will be made to keep all movement within the division, up or down one division if possible.
  • Combining between adults over 18 years and juniors under 18 years is not allowed.
  • Events may be single elimination unless otherwise announced.
  • Polycarbonate safety glasses may be worn upon approval by the Chief Official.